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We are offering this special Free Review for a very limited time – We have over 35 years of direct and online marketing expertise and experience. We KNOW we can help increase your sales and conversion whether with new website development or online consulting.

The review will cover areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Key Performance Indicators, Reporting, and Analytics.
  • Strength of any promotional strategies used across your website and/or active marketing channels.
  • A merchandising review of your top products and categories and how they are currently handled through your website and marketing channels
  • Customer Segmentation, Recency, Frequency, Lifetime Value, and AOV analysis.
  • Mobile optimization and usability strategies.

Many companies have seen results from DAY ONE!

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Then we will schedule a free consultation to review a variety of areas geared to help you generate more revenue and repeat buyers from your existing customers, build on your new customer acquisition plan, and ensure your website and online marketing channels are as effective as they can me.

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