CurveCompass – Actionable Performance Reporting

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With the CurveCompass you can get product reports and information when you want them so you can take an action to increase sales.

Performance data and trending information provide the core of any research and preparation needed to make an accurate merchandising/marketing plan.

Every type of historical report breaks down top KPIs around the performance of that area of your business - including margin trending and a consistent callout on the top areas that make up the bulk of your sales.

HIstorical Business Performance Reports

Consistent And Focused Reports To Help You Analyze Your Overall Business

Looking at overall sales by year gives you a quick overview of your business over time and the growth potential.  This is where you will get your bearings on the overall state of the business for your selected time period.

As you drill into the main areas of your business, you will find a consistent reporting presentation that includes these key areas:

  • Top KPIs on Sales and Margin: You have probably seen many reports that show you too many metrics and not enough take-aways.  Our reports are presented in a consistent and efficient way to keep you focused on what REALLY matters.
  • Focus on Top, Top, Top: One consistent theme you will see over and over is a focus on which subset of products and areas of your business generate the most sales for you.  A small increase to this top group can be a game-changer for your bottom line.
  • Reporting by month:  Each overview report will include a breakdown of how the business is doing per month for the selected time period.

Top Category Performance

Category performance reporting gives you a glimpse of what major areas are bringing in the sales and profits of your business.  You can analyze the categories from every actionable angle: sales, orders, margin, trend. Drill into each category profile to view individual performance metrics of each category and it's related subcategories.

Top Category Performance Reports

Top Subcategory Performance

Subcategory performance is one of the most important areas to dig into.  It tells you a lot about where you have to focus your marketing dollars to grow your business short-term and long-term.  As with category reports, we allow you to analyze all your subcategories or dive into individual subcategory profiles for product breakdowns.

Top Subcategory Performance Reports

Product Family Performance

Product families are often overlooked in reporting.  Product families represent a series of SKUs that share attributes (i.e. colors, sizes) or are merchandised on a single product page display.  Family performance is key because it is often the product family that is merchandised and marketed on your website, not the individual SKU.

Product Family Performance

Individual Product SKU Performance

Product SKU performance is the foundation of any merchandising plan. Like category, subcategory, and product family reports, you have many different ways to analyze performance.  As always, we present a focus on the products that represent 50%, 75% and 90% of your sales because a incremental change in the top has a dramatic effect.

Past Performance Report by SKU

Your Products - Under The Microscope.

A merchandising and marketing Product Information Management (PIM) System like no other.

Once you really drill down into your individual SKU performance, there is a wealth of information and detail that becomes available to your team - both for analyzing performance AND storing/updating important data for your product.

  • Purchasing and Inventory details - key details and contact information for your vendors and internal buyers of each product.
  • Product Cost and Pricing - catalog all the vendor pricing and your various retail pricing (sale, clearance) with ability to monitor margin dollars/percentages.
  • Merchandising profile - detailing relationships with categories, subcategories, related products, replacing products, cross-sell, upsells, etc.
  • Trending/lifecycle - view the trends and seasonality of each item to identify opportunities or concerns.
  • Notes and product management history - automated and manual archiving of  any product profile updates, notes, strategies, etc.


Gauge Your Weekly Performance

How are you performing compared to your plan? How can you increase positive trends or change direction on any downward trends?  This monthly report has all you need to get the current state of your business.

Performance Dashboard

Forecasting Dashboard - A Glimpse Ahead

This unique report is actual crystal ball gazing. Insights that will inform and optimize.  Click here to learn more about this powerful sales and demand forecasting.

Forecasting Dashboard

Other Key Reports That Your Team Will Love:

Besides the core reports listed above covering the major areas of your business, your data will power an incredible array of additional reports that focus on key areas for improving your bottom line.  Here are a few that your team will find to be indispensable:

  • "RFM" (Recency/Frequency/Monetary) Reports:  Our spin on these customer-centric reports will allow you to easily analyze the strength of your customer base.  Identify trends about customer lifetime value and repurchase rates and download or integrate these key segments directly into your marketing channels.
  • Clearance/Overstock Reports: Plan to isolate excess inventory that may be soaking up cash.  Reduce your excess and save cash that can be used for marketing initiatives.
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Reports: Increase your average order value with strong "market basket" product associations for cross-selling and seasonal low-cost/high-margin upsell opportunities!
  • New Product Performance: What are your winners and losers from your NEW product introductions? Focus your energy developing new products where it matters.

Need A Custom Report - Let's Put Your Data To Work For You!

We know all about the diverse and unique needs that each business has.  Whether it's a custom report to analyze shipping costs, returns/canceled orders, discounting trends, channel conversion ... etc.  You name it! Because we have your online AND offline data, we can get you the report that will provide the clarity you need.

How Does Your Company Benefit From Performance Reporting?

Your company will be able to consistently base growth on meaningful historical information.


The President

"I finally have the ability to get centralized reporting on the state of my business in one place.  I could never get this information from my team without a lot of hassle."


The Marketer

"With reports that consistently focus on TOP products and categories that make up the bulk of our sales, I have a very clear focus on what to sell and when."


The Merchandiser

"Well this makes it easy to see how my new products are doing so I can expand and plan around my winning products and any of their categories."


The Purchaser

"If I am going to be preparing for ANY plan, these reports are key.  Plus, all my purchasing info for each SKU is in one place - no super expensive purchasing software!"