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Read And React Marketing Support When You Need It.

We guide you with effective marketing techniques to maximize your product sales.

Your merchandising/marketing plan will help you discover the products you should be promoting and when - but our marketing strategies will let you reach and exceed your goals.

Our Hands-on Approach Keeps Everyone On Track.

Once a month, your CurveCompass success manager will meet with your team to assess your efforts - insuring that your sales goals are being met or exceeded.   

Whether we are comparing against a 12 month plan you have built with our Sales Improvement Planning Tool, or comparing year-over-year, we will follow a detailed process where we will “read” the results of key metrics, performance and forecasting reports - and “react” with  and initiatives to help continue the sales improvement success.


Use Our Marketing Team's Extensive Experience To Apply These Strategies:

  • How To Maximize Top Product Seasonality - Top product seasonality deserves a special approach to maximize sales with marketing strategies for the pre-season/in-season/post-season. The holiday season is an excellent example of this for many businesses.
  • How To Use Propositions Effectively - How and when to use propositions can greatly increase sales and margin. You will learn where and when to use them effectively. You will also learn how propositions should be catered to your various customer types.
  • New Customer Acquisition Strategies - Focusing your new customer acquisition on the right products will not only get you more customers but at a much stronger ROI. This will lead to strong growth at an acceptable cost.
  • Customer Retention Strategies - Keeping customers will generate the bulk of your profits so focusing the right products to generate re-orders is prime focus of any plan. This has to be a major focus for you.
  • New Product Introduction Strategies - Promoting new products is difficult to do without diminishing existing strong products. We have recommendations on how to do this effectively. Your merchandising plan will tell us which new product areas to focus on.
  • Clearance and Overstock Strategies - Effectively getting rid of discontinued items and overstocks has many benefits. It will generate more new orders as well as recirculate money that can be used to generate more business.
  • Effectively Promoting Cross-sells & Upsells - Raising your average order should be a focus because the majority of each dollar gained will go to the bottom line. CurveCompass will generate reports outlining strong cross-sells and upsell opportunities - we will tell you how to promote them.
  • Optimize Website Product Pages - Along with promoting the top products on key pages, improving individual product pages for top products can bring huge gains. You will learn how to use bundling, volume discounts, videos, benefit orientation and sales information to optimize page engagement.
  • New Product Development Areas - How to look for new products and product lines for your business can be the lifeblood of your future. We give you recommendations that will focus your merchandisers in the right direction.
  • Microsite Potential Within Your Product Line - If you grow your products effectively there may be potential for the development of microsites. We have done it for other companies and will give you recommendations on when the time is right for you and how to do it effectively.

How Does Your Company Benefit From Strong Marketing Support Strategies?

Your company now has a complete guide to improving product performance!


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