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Develop Accurate Merchandising Plans To Boost Your Bottom Line.

Many businesses struggle with developing a solid merchandising plan - whether it's a full 12-month cycle or for key seasonal periods like holidays.  The process is too often diminished by problems such as a lack of solid data at your fingertips, a "loosey-goosey" process, or a general lack of coordination between all your key employees.

We have witnessed many of the pitfalls that businesses struggle with and have developed a revolutionary planning tool that will inject proper focus, intelligence, and accuracy into the plan building process that will help you confidently grow your business.

Build Strong Plan Assumptions With Ease

A step-by-step process to adjust and predict key assumptions about your business including shipping, discounts, marketing, and overhead costs. This first step prepares you for high-level planning scenarios.

Curve Compass Merchandising Plan Builder - Plan Assumptions

Develop Highly Accurate “What If” Scenarios

Once you have done some quick planning with assumptions, you can view customizable scenarios of  what overall sales and costs could look like - right down the contribution to profit.

Curve Compass Merchandising Plan Builder - Plan Scenarios

Normalize your "Historically New" product sales

"Historically New" products (introduced at different times in the previous year) need to have their sales annualized to get a clear picture of how they will perform in your plan.  "Product normalization" is applied so these products have the historical information needed so you can plan accurately.  

What the heck is "new product normalization"?

You can predict the past... Wait, what??
Let's say you introduced your new widget "X" in September of last year.  It did well for the last quarter and you need to plan it's performance for your upcoming 12-month plan - how do you predict what it will do when you have only 3 months of sales history that could be heavily influenced by 4th quarter holiday trending?

That is where our proprietary process called "product normalization" comes in.  We essentially fly you back in time - using sales trends from related categories/subcategories to predict the past sales for every historical month's revenue you were missing. It's truly MAGIC!

Curve Compass Merchandising Plan Builder - Normalization
Curve Compass Merchandising Plan Builder Workbench

Plan product performance for every product with access to all the information you will need

Once you start the planning process you will have historical information you can draw on to look at past salesordersmargin percentagemargin dollarsunits, and trends going back as far as you want.  

This will allow you to determine anticipated sales for the future that will drive your business.  We also identify the top products that should be a focus of your planning time and energy.

  • Eliminate unproductive products: You can sort the product any way you want.  This allows you to look at the low performers that you may want to eliminate or exclude from your plan.
  • Watch your profitability as you plan: Our planning tool allows you to see the impact of profitability as you build the plan. Monitor the bottomline results as you go!

The Benefits Of Building A Merchandising Plan

There are many reasons to sing the praises of a comprehensive and accurate merchandising plan besides the ones we have mentioned above.  Here are just a few other rewards you will be able to reap with our planning process and corresponding marketing tool sets.

  • New Product Development Focus: By looking at top categories and sub-categories you can determine the focus of your new product development to increase your business.
  • Document full details for future reference: Not only do we save the plans you develop but the information on individual products is stored with that product for future reference.  This will become an invaluable resource long-term.
  • Determine how much product to buy: The plan will give complete details of sales, units and margin by week so the purchasing department will know what to buy.  This information will also be used to set up monthly reporting to help mitigate "sold outs" and reduce surplus.
  • Marketing Recommendations: Based on many years of consulting we have put together marketing recommendations and checklists that can used by the marketing team to implement product increases.  You will have full access to our CurveCompass "Marketing Bible” that contains proven sales improvement strategies.

Your Final CurveCompass Merchandising Plan Will Give You:

  • Highly accurate product projections by week, month, quarter, and year.
  • Identification of top products AND categories/subcategories to promote - along with details on when and where to promote them.
  • Strong Upsell/Cross-sell product intelligence.
  • Major product areas that need a focused effort to optimize cost and margin opportunities.
  • Purchasing insights about inventory to help avoid stock issues like "sold outs" or overstocks.
  • Identify future NEW product development areas.

How Does Your Company Benefit From The CurveCompass Planning Process?

Your company will reap the rewards of successfully implementing a merchandising and marketing plan!


The President

"I can finally feel confident about how we are going to attain my strong profit goals.  This plan looks SOLID!"


The Marketer

"No more guesswork on what to promote! Now I have a much clearer picture of where to focus my marketing resources."


The Merchandiser

"I can easily identify and plan my strategy on top products - and where to focus new product opportunities."


The Purchaser

"Wow!  This tells me exactly what to purchase when AND how to improve margin. Is my job at stake?!?"