CurveCompass – Product Positioning

Free Merchandising and Marketing PlanPosition And Market Your Products Based On Their Score.

Feature Your Top Products And Categories When They Deserve It.

Based on historical data and your merchandising plan you will have access to the top products, categories, and subcategories in priority. Update your website, email and SEM programs on a weekly basis to insure that the right products will be promoted in order of priority.

Use the "Curve Score"

We have developed a proprietary way to sort products - a custom algorithm based on sales, orders, margin dollars and trend to determine which products in each sub-category and category deserve top position and focus with your online marketing efforts.

We will map your website to determine priority positions for Top products And Categories

You will receive a website and email template that will identify product priorities on your website that will determine where products will reside.

Your website will change on a weekly basis - based on ranking and trends

You will be able to adjust your website on a weekly basis based on past performance and your product plan to insure that the right products will always be in the right position on your website. We will also give you recommendations for your email programs as well.

Curve Compass Product Positiioning
Product Priority Map

Ensure top products will be promoted effectively

You will also be able to send reports that will help you focus your marketing initiatives on the right products to people in charge of your marketing programs. Whether it is SEM, mailings, emails. All programs will have a strong focus and increase your chance of increasing sales and generating new customers.

Promoting new products is also a difficult balance without diminishing existing strong products.  We have recommendations to do this effectively.  The plan will tell us which new products to focus on.

We will also recommend other product placement areas

Other parts of your online programs need product focus as well as your routine marketing channels. You will get recommendations for unique email programs, banners, navigation and special high profile areas on your website.

Maximize product seasonality

Recommendations will be made to maximize seasonality whether it is on a category, sub-category, product family or product level. This will include pre-season, in-season and post-season marketing applications.

Utilize Clearance And Overstock Strategies

You will get recommendations on how to position products using Clearance and Overstock to reduce products that have excess inventory and are soaking up cash. Put that money to better use generating more sales!

How Does Your Company Benefit From The Proper Product Positioning?

Your company will promote top products and categories consistently on your website and marketing channels.


The President

"Now when I ask my team where the top products are on the site, they can tell me exactly where and why."


The Marketer

"Working from a specific list of top categories and products makes my job so much easier - takes out all the guesswork or experimentation - it just WORKS."


The Merchandiser

"The CurveScore really helps put the right products right in front of me. Makes me look great!"


The Purchaser

"Goals are met with much more consistency and control.  Makes my job so much easier - a lot less surprises."