CurveCompass – Product Recommendations

Free Merchandising and Marketing PlanTop Product Upsell Recommendations That Will Drive Up Your Average Order Value.

Automatically Positioned On Key Upsell Areas Of Your Website.

Utilizing product recommendation engines (cross-sell/upsell products) to help maximize average order values is an incredibly powerful feature for any online store. 

Product Recommendations Done Right.

We have pulled back the curtain on the typical product recommendation approach. By diving deep into your historical product, order relationship frequency,  and our CurveScore rank, much more relevant results are produced than with other recommendation solutions.

Our product recommendations are based on:  

  • Historical performance
  • Order relationship frequency
  • CurveScore product value rank

Applying high margin/low price upsell attributes allow us to drive AOV even higher with auto-positioned add-on items in key upsell areas of your website.