CurveCompass – Sales Forecasting

Free Merchandising and Marketing PlanWho Says You Can't Predict The Future?

Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Product's Destiny

CurveCompass uses powerful demand forecasting algorithms to generate weekly/monthly forecasting reports.  Along with trend analysis, our demand forecasting informs the CurveScore ranking and product positioning. 

Forecasting Dashboard - A Glimpse Ahead.

This unique report is actual crystal ball gazing.  Based on historical data and merchandising plan data for the upcoming period (upcoming week, month, or 3 months), you will have an eye on the future.

CurveCompass forecasting reports will identify merchandising and marketing opportunities and/or concerns by comparing recent performance metrics against your future merchandising & marketing plan.

  • Identify top upcoming products and categories for website, email, SEM/SEO/Social, and offline initiatives.
  • Visualize the website positioning of your top products and categories.
  • Prepare any marketing initiatives to sustain growth and meet your plan goals.
Sales Forecasting Report - actionable data to keep your team informed
Demand Forecasting - check for sold-out potentials and excess inventory

Inventory Dashboard - Keep Your Inventory Constantly In Check.

As part of regular actionable reporting, the demand forecasting report will help you keep tabs on two key inventory areas:

  • Preventing potential sold-outs – Review the top products that are getting below inventory thresholds - particularly for those key products that have longer lead times.
  • Surplus Inventory - stay on top of excess inventory that is soaking up cash.  Use Clearance and Overstocks tactics to free up this revenue to use in other marketing channels and/or new customer acquisition.