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Improve Product Performance And Grow Your Business.

CurveCompass improves your product sales FAST with automated sort orders, action-ready KPI reports,
intuitive planning and forecasting, strategic expert guidance, and more.

CurveScore Ranking & Automatic Product Positioning

The best products will always be
promoted on your website.

Know exactly which products to promote each week for all your marketing channels: website, catalog, SEM, and email. Focus products in the right priority to maximize sales.


Dynamic Product Recommendations

Raise Average Order With Strong Cross Sell and Upsell Recommendations.
By diving deep into historical order frequency and applying our CurveScore rank, we achieve much more relevant results than other product recommendation solutions.


Actionable Performance Reporting

Incredible real-time reporting to quickly react to sales opportunities.
Comprehensive performance and forecasting reporting allow you to compare historical and plan performance and quickly "read and react" to keep your business on track. 


Sales And Demand Forecasting

Plan for the future by knowing the future.
CurveCompass uses the latest demand forecasting technologies to power our weekly/monthly forecasting reports, your CurveScore ranking, and product positioning.


Sales Improvement Planning Tool

Increased sales come from aggressive merchandise and marketing planning.
The CurveCompass Merchandising Plan Builder provides a step-by-step process, providing all the data and tools needed to develop and store highly accurate merchandising plans.


Read And React Marketing Support

Proven product marketing initiatives you can implement easily.
We guide you with proven marketing techniques and initiatives to insure high product sales conversion.  This covers every aspect of the product selling process.


We Know How Businesses Struggle With Product Merchandising

Merchandising challenges are completely dependent on what your role is. Any of these ring a bell?


The President

  • I need to know how my business is doing NOW
  • Competitors are killing us – we need to be sharper
  • I need to control my inventory and my cash
  • I don’t feel I have control over my merchandisers
  • We need more strong products to compete
  • I need to improve our margin

The Merchandiser

  • I need help finding new products
  • I have too many products to do justice to them
  • It’s hard for me to have the right information when I need it
  • Planning is a bear
  • It’s hard to keep track of product information

The Marketer

  • I have a difficult time focusing on the right products to promote
  • I have to deal with offline, online and mobile – overwhelming
  • It’s tough getting information when I need it
  • There are too many products to market effectively

The Purchaser

  • I don’t get good support from our merchandisers
  • I often get blamed for stock outs
  • It’s hard to keep track of product information
  • I could improve margin if I had more information
  • I’m not involved with the planning process
  • We have too many products to purchase – overwhelming
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